Spot Lamp Tab


A spotlight emits light in a cone shape around the direction in which the fixture is pointed.

Beam Angle
This angle defines how wide the main, bright beam of light will be.
See: Beam and Field Angles
Field Angle
This angle defines a cone of softer light outside the main beam.
(Use 0 for the default of 180 degrees, unless you want a really tight light)
Lamp Length -
This is the length of the cone-shaped light source that will be visible in the rendering.
Beam Length -
This is the length of the semi-transparent aiming cone that is visible in SketchUp but not in the rendering, which makes the light fixture easier to aim and manipulate in SketchUp.
Set this to 0 if you don't want to create a beam aiming cone.
Glue to surfaces -
If Glue to surfaces is checked, as the light fixture is placed in Sketchup it will automatically stick to the nearest surface and point itself away from that surface.
Show Beam in SketchUp
If checked, then the RPS Light Beam layer in SketchUp will be turned on
Show Beam when rendering
If checked, then the lamp beam is included in the rendering.
This is one way to render visible light beams
Make the bulb invisible when Rendering
If checked, then the bulb itself will be invisible when rendering.

Common Settings

Length, Width, or Diameter sets the size of the light.
Settings, at the bottom of the dialog, are common to all types of light fixtures.
The brightness of the lamp. Intensity can be specified in either Watts or Lumens. (A 100 watt incandescent lamp emits about 1700 lumens).
(IRender uses the conversion factor of 100 watts --> 1700 lumens for all lamps.)
Click this button to bring up a color picker dialog and change the color of light emitted by the light fixture.
Component Placement Mode
Single - place just one light fixture and then stop
'Multiple - place the same light fixture repeatedly until you activate a different SketchUp tool.
Lighting Channel
Lights are normally placed in a default Channel - 3 for ceiling Lights or 2 for other lights.
Set the channel to a number from 1-7 to create a light and place it in a particular channel.
Create Lamp
Press Create Lamp when you are ready to begin create the lamp component.

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