Create Lamp or Light Fixture

Create Lamp or Light Fixture

Adding lamps and light fixtures will provide lighting for your Interior Scenes or Nighttime Scenes.

  • SketchUp lamps - many SketchUp lamps are automatically used as light sources.
Spotlight component - generated at proper size and angle.

The Light Fixtures dialog is launched by the create light fixture icon ( New lamp24.png ) on the IRender Toolbar:

A light fixture is created as a SketchUp component, either as a lamp or as an uncovered light source. An uncovered light source can be placed inside some other geometry to make a new light fixture component, or placed directly in the drawing. You can edit a lamp already placed in the drawing by right-clicking on it and selecting Edit Irender Lamp .


Light Fixture Types


The tabs at the top of the dialog select one of several types of light fixtures, each with its own complement of settings that apply to that type only.


A Ceiling light fixture is a flat rectangle that emits light.


A floor lamp is a decorative lamp that has a shade and a tall stand.


A table lamp is similar to a floor lamp, but it has a shorter base and is meant to be placed on top of a piece of furniture.


A Point light fixture is a light source that radiates light from a single, spherical point of origin, such as a bare light bulb.




A Linear Light sub-divides a long, narrow light so that points within the lamp are sampled more often and more smoothly.

Linear light - bottom and rectangluar light - top after 5 rendering passes.

Camera Light

Creates a single component called "camera_light" which is automatically aligned to the current view camera when rendering.


Creates a visible Light Beam.

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