Sketchy Shadows

Sketchy Shadows Tutorial - How to create Sketchy Shadows with SketchUp and NprTools.

Sketchy Shadows is a feature of NprTools , which creates shadows using sketchy edges or Sketchy Patterns from your SketchUp drawing.

Here is an example of a model with Sketchy Edges, but normal SketchUp shadows, and the same model with Sketchy Shadows:

SketchUp model - with harsh SketchUp shadows

Same Model with soft, cross-hatched, Sketchy Shadows

Step by Step

  1. Download and Install RpTools from Render Plus - which includes NprTools and Sketchy Shadows
  2. Load the Soft and sketchy Shadows dialog using the Sketchy Shadows icon( Sketchy Shadows32.png ).
  3. Select the Patterns tab.
  4. Select one of the line patterns.
  5. Check Launch when complete on the Image tab..
  6. Click OK to create Sketchy Shadows
  7. Read below more more settings and examples.

Soft and Sketchy Shadows menu in NprTools
Patterns tab.jpg


  • The Sketchy Shadows are created as a .JPG file and loaded into your .JPG viewer.
    (If you don't select Launch when complete, you can find the final image in My Documents\NprTools\NprTools_Images)
  • You can adjust options like Line scale factor and Darkness to fine tune the final image. (See Settings below)


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