NprTools Image Tab

NprTools Image Tab.jpg

The Image Tab determines the name, size and launch status of imagees for NprTools Soft Shadows and Sketchy Shadows . (Images are stored in "My Documents\NprTools\SketchyShadows")

Use Model name as part of image name - if checked the image name will be based on the name of the SketchUp model.

Add to image name - these characters are added to the model name when creating the Soft or Sketchy Shadows image name.

Make name Unique - creates a unique name for each image created.

Launch when complete - If checked, then the image will be launched in a paint or viewer program after is is created.

If this is not checked, the Launch File dialog will be loaded which lets you select the application used to launch the image.
  • Image size - Use SketchUp size or a custom size for the saved images.

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