NprTools Shadow Pattern Tab

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The NprTools Shadow Pattern Tab is used to set the color or watermark for Soft Shadows or the pattern for Sketchy Shadows


Shadow Color / Pattern Mode

Solid or Watermark

For Soft Shadows , you apply a solid color or watermark to the area in shadow.

Solid Color, Chipboard Watermark or Image Watermark (Image is defined below)

Shadow patterns

For Sketchy Shadows a material or pattern is appied to the SketchUp model and then applied to the soft shadow image to create a Sketchy Shadow effect.

You can use the currently selected material, or three sets of predefined patterns are provided - thick, medium and thin

Thick lines - scale factor 1
Thin lines - scale factor 1

Pattern Scale Factor This changes the scaling of the patter, setting the separation and width of the lines in the pattern.
(The values of the scale factor are related to the size of your model. For larger models you will need a larger scale factor.)

Line Scale Factor = 1
Line Scale Factor = 3

See: Shadow Textures

Example with blue shadows

Shadow Color - use to set color, or intensity of the shadow patterns.

Image for Watermark - Select an image from your disk to be used as a soft shadow texture.

Watermark mode - how is the watermark used to fill the screen area
Texture Scale factor - if the texture is tiled or centered, this lets you increase of decrease the size of the texture image

Criss-cross shadow pattern

Use Criss-cross shadows - two patterns will be used, one for the lighter parts of soft shadows, both for the darker parts.
  • Use soft shadows - soft shadows will be created to set the intensity of the shadow pattern.

Criss-Cross cutoff Determined when the second pattern will be added. Move to the left for more cross-cross and to the right for more single-pattern shadows.

40% - more criss-cross
60% - less criss-cross

  • Reuse existing shadow image - If you are only changing settings, and have not changed the model or view, you can reuse the last shadow pattern.

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