Other RpTools Functions

Other RpTools Functions


Construction Wizards



Creates a Room, for placement of components.

See: Room Wizard



Creates a simple garage with tire stop and sloping floor.

Documentation wizards

2D Rich Text


Rich Text allows you to use text fonts, sizes, colors, and images to create 2D text - in plan or elevation in your SketchUp model.

Quickly turn your 3D models into 2D documents.

(This is the same feature as the Rich Text which is available as part of Construction Documentation ).

Use this tool to create an image from text fonts, colors, and sizes - and place the image in your SketchUp model.


Polyline icon.png


Polyline draws lines in the drawing without turning them into faces when they meet.

Each polyline is saved as a group, so it will not be used when closing other geometry.

Pen Width and Pen Color is set for the entire polyline.

See: Polyline

PDF Plot


Pen Settings.jpg

For plotting and printing plans and elevations using pen widths and color assigned to edge lines.

Note:PDF Plot is not currently available in the free version of SketchUp.

See: PDF Plot

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