Room Wizard

Room wizard.jpg

The Room Wizard places a room with up to four walls in your model. The room is created as a Group. This allows you to glue components to the floor or walls, without inadvertently changing the room. If you want to change the room, right click on it and select Edit Group. The room will be placed outside the current bounds of your model.


Rect Tab

This tab specifies the physical size and shape of the room.

Number of Walls to create

You can create a room with zero to four walls, starting in back. All the walls in the room are drawn as transparent from the outside, so you can always see inside.


The three dimensions of the room are specified here. Length is the size on the red axis, depth on the green axis, and height on the blue axis.

Colors Tab

This tab specified the colors of the different parts of the room. Click on any one of the Ceiling, Walls, or Floor buttons to bring up a color picker dialog and select a new color.

Other Settings

Transparent walls and ceiling (from outside)

The walls of the room can be seen through from the outside. This setting modifies their behavior.

  • Fully Transparent: The walls are completely invisible from the outside.
  • Partially Transparent: The walls appear as a semi-transparent 'film' when seen from the outside.
  • Opaque: The walls are actually still semi-transparent from the outside, but the texture on the walls is visible.


The room can be created with:

  • None: No ceiling.
  • Solid: A solid-colored ceiling.
  • Ceiling Tiles: A ceiling with an accoustic-tile pattern.
  • Ceiling Tiles with lights: A ceiling with tiles and light sources.

Show placement grid

If checked, the floor and walls of the room will have a grid pattern material on them to help with arranging objects in the room. You can change the materials on the walls when you are ready to complete your drawing.

Center existing geometry in room

If checked, the room will be positioned so that anything already in the model is centered inside.