Sketchy Textures

Sketchy Material Dialog.jpg

Sketchy Textures is a tool in NprTools which creates textures and materials from standard patterns and SketchUp Sketchy Edge Styles.

Here is how to create a Sketchy Texture:



Load Sketchy Textures Wizard

  • Load the Wizard from the NprTools toolbar: ( Sketchy Materials Icon.jpg )

Select a pattern to use for the texture, and click Create Pattern

Sketchy pattern 1.jpg
  • Select a pattern, and click Create Pattern. (Here we chose the Brick Pattern.)

Select an Edge Style in SketchUp for the Sketchy effect

Sketchy pattern 2.jpg

Load the SketchUp Styles window and select a Sketchy Edge Style

Zoom in or out to get the line width desired

Sketchy pattern 3.jpg
  • Zoom in and out on the SketchUp drawing window to get the line thickness you want. (Zooming out makes the lines thicker.)
  • The pattern will be trimmed just inside the pattern
  • Modify the Sketchy Style as desired. (Here we changed the color).
  • You may also experiment with rotating the pattern, or adding other effects.

Save pattern as an image

  • Enter a name for your new pattern.
  • Select Tiling mode desired.
  • Click Save Texture Image to save the texture image
  • The pattern will be trimmed and saved.
  • The new image will be displayed on the dialog.

Load a model in which you want to place the texture

  • Leave dialog up or reload it.
  • SketchUp will expect you to place and size the material.
  • Your new Sketchy Texture may now be used in a model.
  • Or you can use it to create Sketchy Shadows .

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