Render Toolbar Functions

Render Toolbar Functions

Batch toolbar.png

These are the functions for each of the buttons on the Render Dialog Toolbar:

Rp logo button.png - Load the About dialog
Filters.png - Image Filters and Tone Operator - Adjust Image Brightness, Contrast, Burn, and Saturation or apply other filters.
Brightness slider.png - Brightness Control - Adjust the brightness without loading the Tone Operator dialog
Revit save image button.png - Save the rendered image to a JPEG or PNG file. See: Saving Rendered Image
Save to clipboard button.png - Copy rendered image to clipboard
Zoom all button.png - Zoom All - This button will toggle the render display between showing the actual pixels and filling the current window.
View rotate.png - View Rotate - Change View and re-render.
Revit setup.png - Revit Render Setup Dialog - Change Revit Setup Options before restarting the renderer.
Revit materials.png - Revit Render Material Dialog - Change Revit Materials before restarting the renderer.
After changing Setup Options or Materials, use the Start Render button Revit render.png to see the changes.

Lighting-Channels--icon.png - Lighting Channels - adjust the intensity of sun, sky or groups of lights directly.
FX-icon.png - Image Effects - Switch to nXtImage Format for special effects - Real Time Haze , Depth Blur and Glare
Refresh render.png - Resume Rendering - Use the Resume button to add more passes to a rendering which has been completed. See: Resume Rendering .
Revit render.png - Start Rendering - This button is red while the renderer is processing. It will turn green when the rendering in finished. Click on the red button to stop the rendering. Click on the green button to restart the rendering.
Render-farm-icon.png - Render Farm - see the status of the Render Farm - or restart it.

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