Render Setup Dialog

The Setup Options Tab Dialog can be accessed from the Render dialog.

Setup Options Tab Dialog

Revit setup options.png

The Setup Options dialog is used for rendering settings in nXt for Revit. Settings are grouped in the following tabs:

  • Presets Tab - Lighting Presets and the settings they affect
  • Render Tab - Render window size, lights per pass, bounces, etc.
  • Lights Tab - Overrides for Lighting Defaults
  • Sky Tab - Sun and Sky modes, colors, and intensity
  • HDRi Tab - HDRi Sky Settings
  • Background Tab - Background Image and Ground Plane settings
  • Foreground Tab - Foreground or Watermark Image settings
  • Image Tab - Automatic Save Image and Image Quality settings
  • More Tab - Other miscellaneous settings

After changing an option or a material, Use these buttons to restart the render:

Refresh render.png - Refresh - After making changes, use the Refresh button on the toolbar, to see the effects of your changes.

Revit render.png - Start Render - For some setup changes, you will will need to reload the Geometry before the changes will be visible. Use the Start Render button for this. (Reloading the geometry this way does not have to extract it from the model again, it wili just read it from the saved file.)

Currently the geometry has to be reloaded when:

  • Changing Texture Tile sizes.
  • Changing Object Properties.
  • Changing Sun Position settings.