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Save Options Values Saves the defaults from the Setup Wizard as User Defaults - to be used for new models, or in a File which you can manually load into other models.

Load Options Values

  • User Defaults - reload the last user default you saved.
  • File - reload saved defaults from a file
  • JPG File - load defaults from a JPG file of a previous rendering
  • Batch - load defaults from a Batch Folder
  • Load Factory Defaults - reloads all defaults and other values to their original setting.
  • Change Default Settings - changes to defaults for small, medium and large rendering size.

Other Functions

  • Check for Updates - load the download page to see if a new version is available.
  • Customize Toolbar - define the icons you want to display on the Toolbar. See: IRender Toolbar Setup
  • License - load the License and Authorization dialog.
  • Support - load a special dialog of additional settings. - Use if you have been requested to try special settings by Customer Support.
  • About - load the About dialog. - information about the IRender version

Other Settings

  • Automatically load IRender toolbar and function to automatically load the IRender toolbar and application whenever you start a SketchUp session.
  • If you do not automatically load the application, then you need to select IRender: Load from the SketchUp plugins menu.
  • If you have turned off the toolbars during a previous, you need to turn them back on from the SketchUp View/Toolbars menu.
  • Number of Threads
You can set the maximum number of threads to be used for rendering.
  • The default is to set the number of threads to match the number of cores available.
  • Setting a number greater than the number of cores may provide faster renderings.
  • Setting a number less than the numbr of cores will render slower, but may speed up other functions on your computer.

Other Setup Options