Move Wizard

Move Wizard for RpTools .

The Move Wizard is useful for more exact positioning.

In this example, we want to move an component exactly 3' along the red axis.

  1. Select a Component or geometry to place.
  2. Click the Move icon on the RpTools toolbar.
  3. Type in a distance desired (or use the up and down sliders)
  4. Click an arrow for the direction to move.
    (The arrows are colored to match the red, green and blue axes.)
    (The angular arrows move the total distance at 45 degrees. If you want to move in two directions, move along one axis, then enter the other distance and move along the other axis.)

Ready to move selected object:
Rptools move1.jpg

Object moved 3' along Red axis:
Rptools move2.jpg


Enter the distance to move below, and click an arrow to move in that direction.
If you make a mistake, you can clock the opposite arrow to return, or use Undo.
Use component axes - This is enabled only if a single component instance is selected. If it is checked, the component will be moved along its own axes. (For example if it has been rotated.). Otherwise the selection is moved along the model axes. (Red = X, Green = Y, Blue = Z.)

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