Edit Material


Edit Material is a right-click edit which sets the reflection or glow of a face.

To set the reflection or glow of a face, select it, right click on it and select IRender: Edit Material.

This will load the Material Wizard .

  • Select the material type desired.
  • Enter the amount of reflection or other parameters desired.



  • Use numbers around 70% to 80* for reflective floors, etc.
  • Use numbers very close to 100% for a mirror.


A metallic refection is more reflective and keeps more of the existing material visible.

For an example, see: Metallic Reflection


Glossy Reflection does not reflect images precisely.

For an example, see: Glossy Reflection


Fresnel Reflection increases the reflectivity of surfaces at glancing angles, but not at perpendicular angles.

For an example, see: Fresnel Reflection


  • You cannot set both reflection and glow on a face. If you do only glow will be used.
  • Self glow does not create a light. Instead, it makes the object glow as if it was illuminated. This is useful for neon lights, or images in windows which would have been illuminated from an interior light.


Sets a translucent effect which allows light to pass through the material (such as a lampshade), but does not let the eye see through the material.

Select Shade to create a translucent material.

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