Allows light to pass through non-transparent materials.

Translucent lamp shade

Translucency is a form of Transparency where the light passes through a material, but you cannot see through the material. Note in the image that light from the lamp inside the translucent shade illuminates the wall. But the shade itself is not transparent.


In IRender nXt translucency is set on the Transparency Tab of the Material Wizard . Translucency can only be set if transparency is also set.

Transparency tab on Material Wizard

These settings are hard to describe.

The Translucency slider defines how well you can see through the translucent surface. 100% means that you can not see through it, but light can pass through it.

The Transparency slider effects how much light passes through. Some light will always pass through, but if you set Transparency higher, more light will pass through.


This chart will show you some of the typical results.

Translucency 100, Transparency 50 is the default if you select the Shade Defaults

The box has translucent sides, but an open top. The light on the ceiling comes directly from the light bulb in the box. The light on the wall has passed through the translucent surface.

Transparency = 10 Transparency = 50 Transparency = 100
Translucency = 100
Translucent shade is opaque.
TR 10 TL 100
TR 50 TL 100
Default for Shade
TR 100 TL 100
Translucency = 75
Some light passes through shade.
TR 10 TL 75
TR 50 TL 75
TR 100 TL 75

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