SpaceDesign - Set on Instance


Set on Instance is a setting for attributes in SpaceDesign

if Set on Instance is checked, then the attribute value is set on the Component Instance.

Setting default values

You can also set a default value on the Component Definition.

If the user edits the Component Definition, an asterisk, (*), is shown next the the attribute title, to indicate that only the default value is being set. If a value of blank, or 0, is set on the Component Instance, then the default value will be used.

Setting Instance values


If some attributes have Set on Instance, then an extra right-click menu item - Edit Instance Attributes is available. If you choose, Edit Instance Attributes, then only the On Instance attributes will be shown.

If you select and right click on multiple instances or groups, you can set the values for all of them at once. In this case, the current value will not be displayed on the dialog.

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