SpaceDesign - How to extend Total Weight

SpaceDesign - How to extend Total Weight - This tutorial shows how to add two attributes - one for weight of each item, and one for Total Weight (weight times quantity).

Add Weight Attribute.jpg


Tutorial Steps

Add two attributes:

Weight Each and Total Weight

Use the Add Attribute on the SpaceDesign Attributes Wizard to add two attributes.

Here I have made them decimal and specified one decimal place.

Close the Attributes dialog

Before setting the Weight Total to extend from the Weight Each, you must close and reopen this dialog. Otherwise Weight Each will not show up in the list of fields to Extend from.

Reopen the SpaceDesign Attributes Wizard

and set Weight Total to extend from Weight Each

Click the Extend from column for Weight Total' and select' Weight Each.

Extend Weight From.jpg

Also set Weight Total to total

(check the total column), so you will get a total of the weight for all columns.

Create Report

Now the Weight Total should extend properly in the report by multiplying Weight Each by Qty.


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