Select Component


Select Component is a tool in RpTools , SpaceDesign Pro, and RpReports which selects components from your SketchUp using a convenient and powerful explorer tree.

The pane on the left displays component categories.

The pane in the center shows images, or a list, of all components in each category.

The pane on the right shows an enlarged image of the component selected.


Component Search


The search area at the center bottom allows you to type in a word or phrase and search for components which have that word in their name.

You can either search on the Google 3D Warehouse (3D icon ), or in your current component libraries ( Binocular Icon ).


Three utility icons are provide to:

  • Regenerate the list (when you have added or removed components to the library)
  • Expand the list. Expands all sub-categories for the selected category.
  • Shrink the list. Unexpand all sub-categories.

Place Adjacent

Place Adjacent.png

This should be handy for placing cabinets, or similar items, in a room, where each item is placed relative to the previous item, and rotated properly to align with the proper wall.


The gap distance will be left between the selected entity and the new component.


Clicking Undo on this wizard will remove the last item placed, and also reselect the previous selection.

This makes it easy to click undo and another placement icon when you make a mistake.

Component rotation during placement

The first 4 images show the component being rotated with the arrow keys. In the last image, the component is moved to the desired location and the mouse button is clicked to place it.

Placement from the Select Component Wizard has a special feature to rotate the component as you are placing it.

After selection a component from the Selection Wizard, while you are placing it, you can rotate it using the left and right keyboard arrows or the up and down arrows.


On the SketchUp Plugins menu there is a sub-menu to set rotation parameters. The default parameters are:

  • Left and Right arrows - rotate around blue axis by -15and +15 degrees.
  • Up and Down arrows - rotate around blue axis by -90 and +90 degrees.
  • Place Components - in multiple placement mode. (Places one component and then leaves to component on the cursor to place another version.)

Note:This parameter dialog is not implemented yet in the latest version.


  1. The keyboard arrows only work when SketchUp has focus. It they are not working, click on the SketchUp window to give it focus.

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