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SketchUp model run through the IRender renderer demonstrating lights, multiple shadows, reflection , and materials.

Render Plus is one of the pioneers in CAD and Rendering software applications having started CAD development over 30 years ago.

CAD and 3D Modelling: Render Plus developed the first micro-processor based CAD System – SigmaGraphics – in 1979 and went on to develop more 3D CAD systems and Applications – ARRIS CAD, GIza Furniture Layout, Landcadd Visualizer, Softdesk Pro Builder, Planix Home Designer, Planix Deck, and more.
Rendering: Render Plus wrote its first rendering package – also called Render Plus – in 1989. they then went on too develop interfaces between other rendering packages – Renderman, Lightscape, Lightworks – to these CAD packages.
SketchUp: After discovering SketchUp several years ago Render Plus interfaced AccuRender and then nXt to the SketchUp system.

SketchUp Applications

We try to fill in any gaps in SketchUp which the Google development team has overlooked.

We started out with two products - RPS 3D PDF - which lets SketchUp users create interactive 3D PDF documents from SketchUp drawings - and RpTools which started out as a set of routines to make it easier to place and manipulate components - especially for new users using components from the 3D Warehouse to fill rooms and other spaces.

Our most popular product is IRender nXt , an integrated photorealistic renderer for SketchUp. Using lights, reflective materials, plants and RPC 3D Objects, the SketchUp user can create high quality renderings from the SketchUp model.

RPS has created several add-on applications for SketchUp :

  1. IRender
  2. RPS 3D PDF
  3. RpTools
  4. RpTreeMaker Free
  5. RpWallmaker Free
  6. RpReports
  7. SpaceDesign Free

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iPad and iPhone Applications

IPad App.jpg

Render Plus Systems is developing iPad and iPhone Apps.

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