Image Layer Wizard

Image Layer Wizard

The Image Layer Wizard makes it easy to scale and position foreground and background images with your rendering.

Watch the Video: HDRi Positioning Video

How to use it

  1. Download the latest version of IRender nXt
  2. Select Position/Preview from the Background Setup Tab.
Positioning and sizing images with the Image Layer Wizard
Adjust Centerline to Horizon.jpg

The Background Wizard makes it easy to position your rendered model in a background, and to remember the settings for future renderings.

To invoke the Background Wizard, select Preview/Position from the Background Tab.

+ - and Zoom All

zoom in and zoom out on the image



Check out the Background Wizard Video

Background Positioning

Show Full Background

When checked you can see the full background image, outside of the rendered image, and use the handles to stretch or scale the background.

Background Positioning

These vales show the offsets and scales which are applied to the rendering engine when positioning the background.

Maintain Aspect Ratio

if this is checked, then the when stretching the image, the original aspect ration will be maintained.

Adjust Center Line to Horizon

If checked then the image will be scaled and offset so that the horizontal center line of the image matches the horizon of the current perspective view.
The image is scaled and positioned so that it still fills the entire background of the rendered image.
See: Horizon


  • Off - Background is always rectangular
  • Perspective - Right and Left side can be expanded or reduced to product a perspective effect.
  • Full - all four corner points can be changed indpendantly


Resets to the default values


Distortion allows you to alter the background image to better match the perspective in your model.



In Perspective Distortion, the left and rights sides of the image are always kept vertical, and when you move one corner up or down, the other corner on the same side is moved by the same amount.

This often make it easy to match the background image to a perspective view. If you want more control select Full Distortion which lets you move all 4 corners independently.

Background Image placed behind perspective wall and windows.
The lack of perspective in the background clashes with the perspective of the windows.
Select Perspective Distortion to let you distort the background to match the perspective view.

Adjust right hand corners to add perspective to background
As you move one corner up or down, the other corner is automatically moved to match.


By dragging the right hand center handle, all three right hand handles are moved together.


In three easy steps, the background now matched the perspective view.

Save and Copy

Save the rendered area with the background, or copy it to the Windows Clipboard.

Crop will crop the image to a smaller area before saving or copying it.

Render Button Re-render the model with the new settings.


Load a new background image


Close the Wizard. Any changes will be saved for later renderings.

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