IRender Tutorial - Using RPC Content

This Tutorial on Using RPC Content will lead you through the installation and use of RPC (Rich Photorealistic Content).

A few sample RPCs are included as part of IRender nXt. Additional RPCs are available from ArchVision.


Step 1 - Install the ArchVision Content Manager

  • If the ArchVision Content Manager is not installed, you will be guided to install it when you select RPC from the IRender Plus Toolbar ( Rpc24.PNG )
  • See: Installing RPC - ArchVision Content Manager to install the ArchVision Content manager before using RPCs.

Step 2 - Select and place a RPC

  • Load RPC from the IRender Plus Toolbar ( Rpc24.PNG )
  • Select an RPC object from the ArchVision Content Manager

Place RPC Object.jpg
  • Set parameters, such as color, and place a component in the SketchUp drawing to represent the RPC object.

Step 3 - Render the RPC content

  • Render the drawing with IRender Plus.

3 sample RPC objects, (included with IRender), placed in SketchUp.
3 sample RPC objects, rendered with IRender

4 RPC objects placed in SketchUp with different rotations
4 RPC objects, with different rotations, rendered in IRender Plus

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