Edit Lamp

Edit lamp.jpg

Edit Lamp is used to change to settings for a lamp placed as a SketchUp component.

To invoke Edit Lamp, right click on a lamp and select: IRender: Edit Lamp.

For values for settings, see Create Lamp .

Click OK to save your changes.

Editing Multiple Instances of a Lamp

Edit IRender Lamp" only changes one lamp at a time. (The new light intensity is stored on the instance, and not in the component definition)

If you want to replace all the existing lamps, you can create a new lamp with the new wattage, and then go to the SketchUp Component Window in Model View and List View.

  1. Right Click on the lamp you want to change (In the Components window), and click "Select Instances"
  2. Right Click on the new lamp and click "Replace Selected"

That should replace the selected instances of the original lamp with the new lamp.

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