Visual Features


With IRender nXt you can render a high-quality, high-resolution image suitable for creating posters, etc.

Very high resolutions will require more RAM, and a 64-bit processor.

Image courtesy Mike Halls

Keep vertical lines parallel while panning the view. Perspective views set in SketchUp are rendered properly in IRender nXt - This makes your exterior view more realistic.

Two Point Perspective in SketchUp

Create a full 360 degree panoramic image which can be turned into a movie and embedded in a web page.

A Panoramic image is created by rotation the camera while rendering to create a full 360 x 360 degree image.

Panoramic View (looks much better when viewed with an interactive viewer).

You can use a, (non panoramic), HDRi image as a background.

Image Adjustments

If you use a Planar HDRi background with the Path Tracer , you can adjust its brightness as an additional lighting channel after rendering. (This is not working with the standard renderer yet)

Converting standard image to HDRi.

Depth of Field and Focal Distance settings create renderings with areas in sharp focus and areas out of focus.

Depth Blur can also be defined as a Post-Processing technique in the nXt Image Editor .

Depth of Field set to 1.0, Focal Distance 100'

Edge Highlighting displays the edges of faces while rendering . This is especially valuable with scenes which contain cabinets or furniture where edge highlighting is necessary to bring out the detail of the components.

In IRender nXt edge highlighting is turned on in the Advanced Settings dialog.

Videos and Tutorials

Cabinet with edges rendered.

Clay Rendering is used to show the details of your model without adding colors or textures. This feature renders the SketchUp model in black and white.

Clay Rendering.

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