Texture Resolution

Special Options - Texture Resolution is at bottom.

Texture Resolution is a new feature in IRender nXt which allows you to render larger models by re-sampling large images in you SketchUp model.

Sometimes users add images to a SketchUp model - as an Image or as a Material Texture - which are much larger than necessary for display of the SketchUp model.

When these images are sent to the IRender engine, they can cause excess memory usage and excess processing time during rendering.

If you specify a maximum resolution for images, then any images which are larger than this will be reduced to this size.

  • 1,000 pixels is a good maximum for most uses. However, if you are having problems because your model is too large, try setting this to 500 or 250 end re-rendering the model. This will often fix problems which prevent large models from rendering.
  • If you find that the model is too large to render, you might lower the default value from 1,000 pixels in width. Or if you find that an image you place on a plane is losing resolution, you can increase the number

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