Texture Mapping

Texture Mapping refers to assign a texture (raster image) to a material.

Texture Position

Texture Position push-buttons in SketchUp

SketchUp can align, rotate, scale and/or distort texture mappings to achieve special effects.

IRender processed most of these texture positions properly.

  • The red push button is used to move the texture.
  • The green push button is used to scale and rotate the texture.
  • The blue push button is used to shear or skew the texture.
  • The yellow push button is used to distort the texture.

Skewed Textures

The AccuRender engine, used by IRender, does not process skewed textures properly. We create a new texture which is already skewed and then map it without skewing.

Sometimes this can cause a problem rendering the model. If it does, try using a pre-skewed texture - which can be scaled and rotated, or try to distort the texture a little bit using the yellow push button. (Distorted textures are processed in a different manner and do not have this problem.)

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