SpaceDesign Define Attributes

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How to Define Attributes in SpaceDesign using a CSV editor.

You can use a CSV file to define attributes for all the top level components in a model. After setting the attributes, you can save the Compoonent Definitions to disk using the SketchUp Components Window.

  1. Place an instance of each component in a SketchUp model
  2. Save the attributes for the components into a CSV file.
    Use Plugins/SpaceDesign/Auto Generate Attributes to load the dialog, and click the 'Save current attribute values to CSV' button.
  3. Define or change the attributes in Excel or an CSV file editor.
    Either click Yes to edit the file after the attributes are saved, or click the 'Edit CSV file' button.
  4. Load the CSV file to set the new attributes onto the components.
    Click the 'Load attributes from CSV file' button.
  5. After loading attributes - resave your components into a library.
    Use Window/Components - Model/Save as a local collection";

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