Skip If using calculations

Skip_If example using calculations

There are a number of ways you can do this.

In this example, we have one attribute, skip1 which is set to inactive for components, or sub-components we do not want to include in the report.
Another attribute, skip2, is set using a calculation string. If the calculation is true then the component is skipped for the report.

Note the highlighted sections of the Attribute Settings below:


  • skip1
  • - is a Text attribute. It can be set to inactive using the attribute editor.
  • skip2
  • - is a Boolean attribute. If its value is true then the component will be skipped for the report.
  • - has Skip_If checked.
  • - has a ruby calculation string '%skip1%' == 'inactive'
%skip1% is replaced by the value of the attribute skip1

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