Simple Rendering of an Object

This video Tutorial, Simple Rendering of an Object, explains how to us IRender nXt to create a high-quality, photo-realistic rendering from a SketchUp model, with out making any changes to the model, or adjusting any rendering settings.

  • Download a model from the 3D Warehouse, (not a model uploaded specially for this video)
  • Render it with no changes to the model
  • No special rendering settings.
    This shows how easy it is to use IRender nXt, even with no changes to your model.
    (Of course, you can make even better renderings by adding lights, material settings, etc. You will learn how to do that in later videos.)
  • One Click Render Button
  • Rendering Passes
  • Compare final image to original SketchUp image

Later tutorials will explain how to improve the output by making alterations to the model and changing rendering settings. However, this video shows how you can get great results with minimal effort.

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IRender nXt is an easy to use, yet powerful plug-in for creating high-quality renderings from right inside SketchUp. It's the perfect tool for architects, interior designers and anyone else who needs stunning presentation images of their designs.

Purchase a full user license now and get free updates for a full year. Multi-seat and network licenses are also available. Contact with questions.

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