RpReports Report Templates

RTF file for report template. (Click for larger image)
Sample Report. (Click for larger sample)

The RpReports Report Templates are used to define the layout of your reports.


RTF Template

The report template is stored as an RTF file which can be edited with WordPad . Using RTF you can specify fonts, sizes, justification, and colors for text.

Note: Not all RTF features are supported. The OEM Partner will need to work with Render Plus to determine which features can be used.
Note: The End-user Client will not be allowed to modify the templates. (Because we don't want to have to support creation of report templates for the End-user Client.) However, the OEM Partner, may choose to allow the end user clients to modify templates, and support the clients.

Logo and text positioning

You can include small images, such as logos.

There is no way in RTF to specify justification for text on the same line as an image. If you want to justify text on the same line as an image, use one of these these substitutions:

  • %UL% - upper left
  • %LL% - lower left
  • %UR% - upper right
  • %LR% - lower right

Text Substitutions ( %XXX% )

%XXX% is used to specify the position of text which will be replaced when the user creates the report.

  • %TITLE% - title
  • %INTRO% - comments placed before the SketchUp image
  • %CAPTION% - caption placed under the SketchUp image
  • %BODY% - addition comments placed under the report.
  • %TRAILER% - placed at the bottom of each page.

SketchUp Image Area

%IMAGE% is placed above the SketchUp image area.

A dummy image is then placed in the RTF file which will be replaced by the SketchUp image.

Report Table

%TABLE HEADER% and %TABLE BODY% are placed in the RTF file at the location where the report is desired.

These define the font, size, color, etc of the table header and body.

Other formats

All reports are created in PDF because this is a good format for submission to clients, posting on websites, and printing.

The report data can also be saved as a .CSV file which can be loaded into Excel to create other custom reports. Link title

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