RpReports Package Counts

RpReports Package Counts allow you to create components which are counted as multiple instances.

To use this feature:

  1. Set srpreports_package_count_field_name in the Special Attribute Field section of the settnge.csv file.
    (e.g. srpreports_package_count_field_name;PackageCount; )
  2. Set this attribute to 1 (or 0, or blank, for normal components)
  3. Set this value to the package count for packages.
    (e.g. if a components represents 12 individual items, set the value to 12)
  4. The rest of the attributes for the package component should be the same as for the component representing an individual item.

Example .csv file - with PackageCount field

srpreports_component_field_name,Component,name of field containing component name - the component name is placed in this field
srpreports_description_field_name,Description,name of field containing description - ModelInfo description is placed in this field if no attributes are set
srpreports_package_count_field_name;PackageCount;name of field containing package_count - leave blank if not using package count feature
srpreports_total_label,Totals,word to use for total row
srpreports_quantity_field_label,Count,name of field for quantity

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