Rotate Wizard

Rotate Wizard for RpTools .

  1. Select Component or geometry to Rotate
  2. Click the Rotate icon on the RpTools toolbar
  3. Use the Rotate By settings in the lower half of the menu select or enter desired rotation.
  4. Select an arrow for the axis to Rotate about.
    (Solid Blue rotates clockwise around the blue axis.)

Ready to rotate selected item
Rptools rotate1.jpg

After rotation of item
Rptools rotate2.jpg


  • Enter an angle to rotate by. The radio buttons will prefill some common angles. If you set a small angle such as 15 or 30 degrees, then you can click the arrow several times to get a larger rotation.
  • Click an arrow to rotate around an axis. To spin an item placed on the floow, use the positive or negative Z arrows.
  • Use Component Axes - If the selection is a single component, this option will rotate the selection about its original axes, rather then the model axes.

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