Rich Text

Rich Text allows you to use text fonts, sizes, colors, and images to create 2D text - in plan or elevation in your SketchUp model.

Quickly turn your 3D models into 2D documents.

Select Rich Text from the Construction Documentation toolbar: ( RTF24.png )


Rich Text editor


Create text documents, or paste from Wordpad or other applications.

  • Load and save the document as RTF (Rich Text Format).
  • Select fonts, sizes, bold, italic, colors, etc.
  • Set justification and/or bulleting
  • Paste documents from Word, Wordpad, or other editors.
  • Paste raster images
  • Paste RTF documents from excel.


Background Color - set a background color for your text or sign.


When you are done, click Create to create an image for placement in SketchUp.

These will then be converted to images and placed in your SketchUp model.

Set size and scale


After creating your text image, you can set its scale on paper, or size in model units.

  • Create/Edit - compose the text and images for your sign.
  • Scale - you determine the size and shape of the image as you create it. (You can resize the edit window until you get the size and shape you want.) By setting the desired scale and size on paper, the Wizard will calculate the proper size for the text or sign in SketchUp. You can also override the size if you know how large you want to make the text or sign.
  • Orientation - Sign - placed perpendicular to the ground, or Flat place on the red-green ground plane.
  • Always Face Camera - text image will rotate to face the camera.
  • Glue to surface - will automatically be created flat, and glue to existing faces.

  • Offset - this sets an offset for the image from the back of the component. Setting an offset of 1" or more will help make sure that your image does not bleed into the face or surface below.
  • Place - place the text or sign in your drawing.

Place as flat text sign

Note: you can edit the sign or text by right clicking on it and selecting Edit text/sign.


Images and text for these samples are from the Sketchup for Woodworkers web site].

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