Rendering Complete


The Rendering Complete dialog is loaded when the rendering has completed - either because the number of passes limit, or time limit has been reached, or because the user clicked the "end render" icon.

When the rendering is complete you can choose to save or view the rendering image, or to add additional passes and continue the rendering.

Save file

If Auto Image is selected, then the rendered image will already have been saved and the name will be displayed.

  • Use Auto image when complete - If checked, then a rendered image will automatically be saved to the disk when the rendering is completed.
  • Save Image - save the current rendered image to the disk.
  • View Image - view the rendered image if it has already been saved.
  • Edit image in nXtImage Editor - adjust the image with lighting channels, etc.
    (Only available in IRender nXt or ProjectRender Pro)

Resume Rendering

You can add additional rendering passes and continue rendering to add more realism to the lighting.

This functions is also available with the Resume Rendering icon.

  • Rendered passes - displays how many passes have been rendered already.
  • Stop rendering after - increase the limits on time or number of passes.
  • Double Up - will double the number of passes.
  • Resume rendering - will continue rendering until the new pass limit is reached.


  • Show this dialog after rendering - uncheck to not display this dialog.
    (You can re-enable it by right clicking in the title bar at the top of the render window and selecting "Support".)
  • Done - Close the dialog.