Project settings.csv file

Here is a Sample .INI file': (RpReports_Demo.ini)

Project_settings.csv file sections

See each section for data definitions and a sample.

  • [Project] - Project Name
  • [Levels] - Description of attribute and report levels
  • [Client] - Items to include on Client toolbar
  • [Globals] - Settings which are always set.
  • [GlobalDefaults] - Settings which are only set the first time the Client project is loaded, but which can be overridden by the client.
  • Sample _settings.csv file

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Sample File

This file is editable with Excel. Resave it as a .csv file

project_name,RpReports Demonstration,name of project (displayable name)
dictionary_name,RpReports_Demo,name of project dictionary for attributes
attribute_levels,3,number of different report/attributes levels
Level1,Basic Attributes,name of each attribute level (displayed for icon)
Level2,No Price Data,
Level3,All Attributes,
Level3_password,rpx5SvG/yvB6o,this is the excrypted password for 'Wiw123'
[Client],,defines the icons and commands which appear on the client toolbar
#TOOLBARS TO LOAD,,the icons for the toolbar are in the project folder/icons
#TOOLBAR ICONS,,There are two icons for each tool xxx24.png and xxx16.png (e.g. Select24.png)
[Globals],,globals are always set when a project is loaded
srpreports_project_title,RpReports Demonstration,name of the product for dialogs, etc.
srpreports_author,Render Plus Systems, Inc.,this phrase appears in the PDF report as the author
srpreports_project_copyright,Copyright 2007 - Render Plus Systems, Inc., copyright phrase
srpreports_project_url,, URL for about box
srpreports_support_email_name,%APPP% Support Request,title for support email
srpreports_support_email_address,, address for support email
srpreports_component_field_name,Component,name of field containing component name - the component name is placed in this field
srpreports_description_field_name,Description,name of field containing description - ModelInfo description is placed in this field if no attributes are set
srpreports_package_count_field_name;;name of field containing package_count - leave blank if not using package count feature
srpreports_total_label,Totals,word to use for total row
srpreports_quantity_field_label,Count,name of field for quantity
srpreports_sub_extend_field_name,Sub Cost,"default is ""Sub Price"" cost of an indented component"
srpreports_sub_extended_field_label,Sub Extended Cost,"default is ""Sub Extended Price"""
srpreports_sub_quantity_field_label,Sub Qty,"default is ""Sub Qty"" qty of an indented component"
srpreports_indentation_prefix,+,used to indent descriptions for sub-levels
srpreports_sub_level_field_label,Level,displays if there is more than one sub field - column is not displayed if left blank
#--- DEFAULTS FOR REPORTS---,,"Defaults are set the first time, but remember user values when restarted"
irpreports_indented_bom_level,0,do the bill of indented materials to this level
brpreports_show_components_without_attributes,y,skip components with false attributes
brpreports_selected_components_only,n,report on selected items only
brpreports_show_quantity,y,show quantities in report
brpreports_show_totals,y,show total quantity and total cost/price
#---CLIENT REPORT DIALOG SETUP ---,,These setting determine which features are available on the Client Report Dialog
brpreports_show_report_dialog,y,Do not display dialog at all if false
brpreports_include_report_title,y,Client can change Report Title
brpreports_include_report_introduction,y,Client can change Report Introduction Comments
brpreports_include_report_selected_entities_only,y,Client can specify - Selected Entities only
brpreports_include_report_entities_without_attributes,y,Client can specify - Show Entities without Attrbiutes
brpreports_include_report_groups_as_assemblies,y,Client can specify - Treat top-level groups as assemblies
brpreports_include_report_show_quantity,y,Client can specify - Show quantity
brpreports_include_report_show_totals,y,Client can specify - Show Totals
brpreports_include_report_set_bom_level,y,Client can specify - Indented Bill of Materials level
brpreports_include_report_launch_report,y,Client can specify - Show report when complete
brpreports_include_report_page_setup,y,Client can perform Page Setup
#Selection Dialog,,
srpreports_selection_folder,,additional folder for RpReports components
brpreports_use_sketchup_components,y,include SketchUp components on selection dialog
brpreports_place_multiple,y,"n-place and select, y-place multiple copies"
[GlobalDefaults],,Global defaults are only set if there is not a value defined yet (previous values may have been stored in the registry)
srpreports_report_title,(put title here...),title for report
srpreports_report_heading,Sample RpReports report,heading for report above picture and intro text
srpreports_report_intro,,this appears above the picture in reports
srpreports_caption,Image from SketchUp,caption under picture in reports
srpreports_body,,additional text under picture in reports
srpreports_trailer,RpReports from Render Plus,trailer at the end of each page inder reports
irpreports_page_size,0,"0 letter, 1=legal, 2=A3, 3=A4"
irpreports_page_orientation,1,"0 = portrait, 1 = landscape"
rrpreports_left_margin,0.5,in inches
rrpreports_right_margin,0.5,in inches
rrpreports_top_margin,0.5,in inches
rrpreports_bottom_margin,0.5,in inches
brpreports_launch_report,y,launch report when done
irptools_copy_wizard_mode,0,0 normal - 1 wide