Place Material

Place Material uses an Explorer type tree to select materials and place them directly on faces without having to open components and groups for edit.
Place material.jpg

  • Expand-icon.jpg Expand: Expands all the folders in the library tree.
  • Collapse-icon.jpg Collapse: Collapses all the folders in the library tree.
  • Lib Refresh-icon.jpg Refresh: Reloads the material libraries from disk.
  • Lib Root-icon.jpg Model: Returns to the root of the library tree.
  • Apply to single surface only: If checked, when placing a material, only the surface directly clicked on will receive the new material. Otherwise, all surfaces in the same component or group that had the same material beforehand will be changed as well.
  • Pick: Click to start a material picking tool, which lets you choose a material from an existing surface in to model to apply to other surfaces.
  • Place: Click to start the material placing tool, which applies the material currently selected in this dialog to surfaces in the model.

Place Material is included in several products: