NXtRender Presets Tab

Presets tab

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The Presets Tab lets you choose predefined settings more the most common lighting situations.

The Presets set items on the bottom of this tab which can also be altered directly.

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Preset Description Usage
High Dynamic (default) Uses an HDRi sky for reflection and illumination which is very effective for many renderings without using the sun or any exterior lights. This provides a nice lighting effect for viewing individual items.

See: High Dynamic Lighting

- exterior scenes or isolated objects when you want to create an interesting, subtle, lighting effect, inst4ead of using the sun or interior lights.
Exterior turns on the sun and the sky, and high ambient lighting. - exterior scenes when the effects of sunlight are desired.
Interior w/sun turns on the sun and the sky, and lowers the ambient light so interior lights will be effective as well. - interior scenes with windows and interior lights. If you do not have interior artificial lights, then use Exterior instead.
Interior - no sun turns off the sun and sky, with lowered ambient lighting. - interior scenes with windows, or scenes with windows when the effect of light coming in through the windows is not desired.
HDRi sky Adds an HDRi sky with sky, clouds and background trees. - Exterior Scenes with window reflections, or which would benefit form a sky and trees background.

The settings below override the Presets: SketchUp on/off

  • Sun' - turns on the SketchUp sun
  • Sky - turns on the SketcnhUp sky
  • Ground Plane - turns on the SketchUp ground plane.
  • Synchronize changes with SketchUp - if this is checked then any changes made to Sun, or Ground visibility will also be made to SketchUp. If it is not checked you can suppress shadows in SketchUp to make it run faster, but still show the shadows in your rendering.

Sky Mode

  • SketchUp colors - make a background sky which emulates the coloring of the SketchUp sky.
The SketchUp colors sky does not reflect or illuminate the drawing,
  • Automatic - creates a realistic sky which illuminates the model.
  • HDRI - uses a HDRI image to define the sky.
  • Sky Illuminates if Off - check this to get illumination from the Automatic or HDRi shy evn if the sky is not on.
  • Sky Reflected if Off - check this to show reflections from the Automatic or HDRi shy evn if the sky is not on.

Ambient Light
Each setting provides a smaller amount of ambient light to better represent scene selected:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • None
  • Studio Brightness - makes ambient brightness 20 times lower. Typically used in studio or High Dynamic renderings where light is provided by an HDRi sky.

Other Settings

  • Enable Artificial Lighting - turn lamps and other artificial lighting on and off
  • Use Auto daylight Portals - Automatically treats windows as Daylight Portals.
  • Use Indirect Lighting - Incorporates the effects of indirect lighting. (Lights reflecting from mirrors and other surfaces.)

Other Setup Options