Lumens vs Watts

IRender allows you to specify lamp intensity in Watts. Wattage specifies how much energy the lamp uses.

IRender uses a conversion factor of 17 Lumens per Watt, meaning that a 100 Watt lamp will emit 1700 Lumens. If you know the lamps value in Lumens, divide by 17 when entering it as watts into IRender nXt.

Here is a table of some lamp types and with wattage, Lumens per watt, and total Lumens.

Lamp type Wattage Lumens Lumens per Watt
Incandescent 40 504 12.6
Incandescent 100 1750 17.5
Fluorescent 32 1600 50.0
Quartz halogen 50 1200 24.0

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