Long Fluorescent Light

Will IRender nXt do a Long Fluorescent Light? (not the one where it's in the ceiling preset). I know you can make a certain long size spot but when it renders it breaks it into smaller spots along the path and not a continuous "florescent tube like" light. We want to do signage lighting.

You can create a single long face, or object, and make it a light using Object Properties. However, only one random point on the light is processed per pass, so you may need hundreds of passes to get a good lighting effect. It may work better to break it into several shorter lights.

Try this out, and let us know how it works for you.

Here are some samples:

10 passes. Light is very irregular.

100 passes. Light is starting to get smoother.

600 passes. Light is much smoother. Note: It took about 10 minutes to complete this rendering.

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