Lighting Channels Video

This video Tutorial, Lighting Channels, explains to adjust lights in IRender nXt without re-rendering. . Lighting Channels are used to adjust the brightness of light sources - such as the sun and sky and interior lights.

This video shows you how to quickly adjust the lights while rendering your SketchUp model with IRender nXt.

  • Create Nighttime scene by switching off the sun, and lowering the intensity of the sky
  • Adjust intensity of other groups of lights
  • Set intensity of "self-glow" panels on the wall
  • Quickly get the desired lighting effects without having to change and re-render the model

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IRender nXt is an easy to use, yet powerful plug-in for creating high-quality renderings from right inside SketchUp. It's the perfect tool for architects, interior designers and anyone else who needs stunning presentation images of their designs.

Purchase a full user license now and get free updates for a full year. Multi-seat and network licenses are also available. Contact with questions.

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