Intensity Override


After creating, or placing a light fixture, you can override the intensity of the lamps within the fixture for each instance of the light fixture. This allows you to place two identical light fixtures and give them different intensities.

  1. Right click on a light fixture and select Override Light Intensity
  2. Select the override desired (% or Watts)
  3. Click OK to save the settings for the light fixture.

[[Image:Intensity override sample.jpg|frame|left|Four floor lamps with varying intensities.
The lamp on the left has its original intensity (75 Watts).
The next lamp has a percentage override of 50%.
The next lamp has a wattage override of 300 watts.
Note: If the light fixture has multiple lamps, then the override is applied to each lamp. If the lamps within a light fixture originally had different intensities, and you override them with Watts, they will all be set to the same intensity.

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