Image Editor

The Image Editor is a Post Processing mode in IRender nXt to fine tune the appearance of the rendered image without having to change the model, lights, materials, or other settings.


nXtImage Mode

Switch to nXtImage.jpg

When you click the FX icon, and select the Image Effects tab, you will be asked if it is OK to Switch to nXt Image mode.

If you say Yes then the current rendering is saved in nXtImage format and reloaded. This can take several seconds - especially for a large image with multiple Lighting channels.

Note: If you start a new rendering, then the nXtImage changes will be lost and a new rendered image will be created.

Image Filters


The Image Filters convert the luminance data used by nXt into displayable or printable RGB pixels.

Adjusts the overall brightness. For example, if a white surface in your model is rendering gray, you can increase the brightness until the surface appears white. Or, if your exterior scene seems overexposed, you can decrease the brightness until the scene appears more correct. The default setting is 100 — smaller numbers produce darker images. For most renderings, small changes produce noticeable effects.

Brightness can also be modified directly with the Brightness slider on the Render Window.

Adjust the contrast of the image.

Lowering the contrast makes the image more gray.

Raising the contrast make light area lighter and dark areas darker.


Controls the amount of color included in the rendering.

Slide it to the left to create a gray image.

Vignette dims the outside of the image to highlight the interior.

Material Channels

Material Channels tab.jpg

Lighting Channels

Lighting Channels Tab.jpg

Image Effects

Image Effects.jpg


  • Strength - set the Strength of the Haze
  • Near defines a distance in Meters in front of which no haze will appear. Use the < button to select the distance of a point in the rendering.
  • Far defines a distance in Meters ehind which full strength haze will appear. Use the < button to select the distance of a point in the rendering.
  • Color use the < button to select a color for the haze.

Depth Blur

  • Strength - amount of Blur to apply
  • Focus - the distance in meters of objects in focus. Use the < button to select a point in the image to be in focus.
  • In Focus Zone - measured in meters-- it controls the transition zone as well.
  • Blur - you can blur the foreground (rendered image), background, or both.


  • Strength
  • Threshold