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Information on the IRender nXt Latest Release. Information on the IRender nXt Releases.


KG22 - July 22, 2011

  • Fixed a regression in rendering RPC objects, texture images were not being found
  • Added a couple more search paths for finding of the RPC Content manager

KG15 - July 15, 2011

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the rendering engine to crash on some machines.
  • Add the ability to save and reload views from the rendering window, using our new OpenGL display window.

KG06 - July 6, 2011

  • Fixed regression with AR3 material, which were no longer being applied during the rendering
  • Fixed selection of an HDRi sky to also set sky type to HDRi

KG05 - July 5, 2011

  • Fixed Auto Image. Image being saved was too bright

KF28 - June 28, 2011

  • Fixed material color for edge lines and faces using the default material
  • Added View Rotate Toolbar button for changing the view in the render window

KF06 - June 6, 2011

  • Fixed registry location regression with AccuRender nXt Library Trees and AR3 trees with the 64 bit Renderer

KF02 - June 2, 2011

  • Fixed Image AutoSave to save files in IRender Documents folder, not RPS 3D PDF folder
  • Fixed Image AutoSave to save files before starting the next pass

KE31 - May 31, 2011

  • Fixed registry location problem with AccuRender nXt Library Trees with the 64 bit Renderer

KE27 - May 27, 2011

  • Added Volumetric Fog
  • Added Dispersion to solid , transparent objects
  • Fixed autosave files to save JPEG comments
  • Fixed bug where the nXt tab would not load in IRender Batch
  • Fixed bug where the number of seconds was stopping a rendering even if "no limit" was set.
  • Added locking of Automatic Luminance to allow lighting channel changes without automatic adjustments in scene brightness.
    See: Automatic Luminance
  • New features for nXtRender 4.0 - See: nXtRender 4.0 Features

KE26 - 5/26/2011

  • Fixed Self Glow
  • Fixed Rendering Images in Components to only create a single material

KD27 - 4/27/2011

We fixed the following in Export to 3D PDF:

  • License Button removed from 3D PDF dialog. Authorization is not needed for 3D PDF from IRender nXt
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of Logo height and U3D position when using metric units.
  • Included files needed for the PDF Preview to work

KD25 - 4/25/2011

We fixed the following in Export to 3D PDF:

  • We now use correct the FOV for 3D PDF views.
  • Fixed a font bug that was causing 3D PDF to fail.
  • We improved calculation of the the rotation spin center.

KD22 - 4/22/2011

  • A fix for not finding RPC Content Manager files, after a new installation of the RPC Content Manager.
  • Various bug fixes for the new RPS 3D PDF interface.

KD18 4/18/2011

  • Fixed Trial Mode message for 3D PDF for nXt
  • Removed option to save PDFs for U3D or HTML files

KD13 4/13/2011

  • Fixed persistence of options on the Save Rendered Image dialog
  • Use last settings when creating a new 3D PDF
  • Fixed display of Thumbnails on the Select Material to Place or Edit dialog

KD11 4/11/2011

Save Rendered Image.jpg
  • New save image wizard after rendering - See: Saving Rendered Image
  • New Interactive 3D PDF Output for presentations - See: Create PDF
  • Added check box to set sun, sky or ground without showing current state in SketchUp.
  • Changed some factory defaults to match high dynamic:
    • Set Studio Brightness to false always (it was true for high dynamic lighting)
    • Turned on Sky illuminates if off and Sky reflected if off for default.
    • Interior lighting is off for defaults

KC23 - 3/23/2011

  • Allow saving of Alpha PNG Files for Animation
  • Make all animation single image files when no transition is set
  • Fixed bug where Planar HDRi was not working
  • Fixed bug where cylinder backgrounds were not working
  • Added a third slider to lighting channels to allow more fine tuning with up-down arrows (1, .1, and .01)
  • Fixed bug where .HDR and .PNG files were not being shown when browsing for background images
  • Fixed a bug in RpTreeMaker, where the images for the SketchUp components were not correct

KC11 - 3/11/2011

  • Fixed Foreground Image tab "Use Edge Lines for Foreground" option

KC04 - 3/4/2011

  • Fixed Foreground Image tab 'Apply' button to apply changes to the rendered image without having to re-render

KC02 - 3/2/2011

  • Added Image Filters - Sharpen, Smooth your image, or apply other filters.
  • Fixed bug where lighting channel was not being set properly for new lamps.
  • Added up-down sliders to the brightness control - Brightness slider.png
  • Fixed unintended Colorization of textured materials when using the Material Editor
  • Fixed errant Display of 'Beta' in stable version on Trial period dialog

KB09 - 2/9/2011

  • Fixed black line at top of Render Window.

KB07 - 2/7/2011

  • Fixed a problem when using the Reset button on the Tone Operator dialog, when not editing a nXtImage.

KB04 - 2/4/2011

  • Fixed a problem with animations when running on a 64 bit machine.

We also removed most of the toolbar buttons on the animation rendering dialog that should not be used when animations are rendering. We left the Options button on the toolbar, but even it should not be used to change options during an animation, only to query the settings.

KB03 - 2/3/2011

  • Fixed a problem with RPC object rendering when running on a 64 bit machine.

We also added a checkbox to the support dialog, to switch to 32 bit rendering if you encounter another issue with the 64 bit batch renderer.

KA28 - Jan 28, 2011

  • Added the new Render Farm
  • Combined Post Processing and the nXt Image Editor into a single interface. See Image Editor
  • Fixed a problem with the "Add to Model" button in the Select Material to Place or Edit dialog
  • Fixed the install to warn the user if a reboot is necessary after the install

JL29 Beta - Dev 29, 2010

  • Fixed a regression where Animations no longer worked, due to the batch folder not being set properly.

JL27 Beta - Dev 27, 2010

  • Fixed a problem where Import Changes from the Batch Renderer was coming up too often.
  • Fixed a bug where rendering was restarting twice if initialized with render button on Setup dialog in the batch renderer.

JL16 Beta - Dev 16, 2010

Convert image.jpg
  • Fixed some bugs in the Brightness slider and Tone Operator
  • Fixed some bugs in HDRi background images
  • Added HDRi conversion brightness parameters.
  • Fixed a bug with the Material Texture Tab Bump control.

JL08 Beta - Dec 8, 2010

  • Added Material Channels to change the colors of materials after rendering
  • Added Planar HDRi Backgrounds
  • Added Contrast to the Tone Operator
  • Fixed bug when creating Arroway and other texture Set materials
  • Fix bug where lamp colors were displaying as black on lamp wizard.

JK01 - November 1, 2010

  • Fixed bug when trying to render models with images.
  • Fixed problem loading trees from the library and creating new trees
  • Fixed scaling of plants to match scaling of Components in SketchUp
  • Added nXt plants to the 3D warehouse

JJ20 - October 20, 2010

  • NxtImageEditor wasn't working in the last release
  • NxtPlantEditor wasn't working in the last release
  • Fix for 2D RPC objects
  • Fix for animations where scenes contained hidden layers
  • RpTreeMaker wasn't working for Plants loaded from the RPS Plant Libray

JJ15 - October 15, 2010

  • Alpha Channels objects supported in Path Tracer
  • Fixed problem using Caustics with Packet rendering mode.
  • Fix problem where the close button on setup or stop rendering button is starting a rendering again.

JJ06 - 10/6/2010

  • Forced all rendering sizes to be an even number of pixels
  • Fix a bug when rendering with "indexed" .PNG files.
  • Batch Settings wizard allows you to create a new folder when browsing folders.
  • Fixed dialogs referring to ArImage to use nXtImage
  • added a new option to Auto Image to save both nXt and JPG format at the end of the rendering

Version JI28 - Sep 28, 2010

  • Added Lighting Channels dialog to rendering window.
  • Added NXt Path Tracer rendering engine option.
  • Added Linear Lights
  • Added feature to adjust background to match horizon
  • Fixed bug where colored mirrors were not marked as metallic.
  • Fixed bug when extracting edge lines for foreground overlay while rendering to a different size.
  • Fixed autosave to save .nXtImage files when desired.
  • Fixed a bug when an image returns a nil value for the image name.

Apr 13, 2010 - JD13 - Stable and Beta release

  • Now read Lumens properly from models saved with old versions
  • Fixed bug with material on two sided faces in groups (when all faces in the group were the same material).
  • Fixed Image Autosave to correctly save ArImage files for the nXt Image Editor.
  • Fixed regression where Options/nXt tab was not appearing in version IC29.
  • Added Autosave to the Image Setup Tab to save images while rendering.
  • Fixed a ruby bug when UV coordinates for material textures are not real numbers.

Mar 10, 2010 - JC10 - Beta release

  • Create SketchUp material to match .ArMaterial when loading library materials
  • Added setting for Sun Highlight
  • Improved Check for Updates on Startup dialog to show current version and versions available.
  • Added the ability to replace an unused computer with a new one.
  • Added value boxes to sliders for manual input of values.
  • Added ability to resume a stopped rendering. See: Resume Rendering
  • Added No Light Source Reflections material property

Feb 25, 2010 - JB25 - Stable and Beta release

  • Fixed rendered display for 2D RPC objects that were rotated.

Feb 23, 2010 - JB23 - Stable and Beta release

  • Fixed Material Editor when returning from editing a material Leaf.
  • Stop material editor from colorizing SketchUp material when color is not changed.

Feb 22, 2010 - JB22 - Stable and Beta release

  • Add export to nXt Image Format

Feb 18, 2010 - JB18 - Beta release

Added Light Channels for Material with Illumination Added Progess Bar for export to nXt Image Format

Feb 15, 2010 - JB15 - Beta release

Add export to nXt Image Format

Feb 5, 2010 - JB05 - Stable and Beta release

  • New Version 3.0 release
  • New 30-day trial for Version 3.0
  • Automatic Rendering of Arroway Low Res Materials from .SKP library
  • Browse Button for setting Focal Length
  • Fixed problems with Auto Bump
  • Fixed the Default Material tab when re-editing materials. Properties for the new Default material were not being applied.

Jan 26 - JA26 - Beta release

  • Fixed problems with nXt Ground Plane and nXt Default Materials in the Material Editor
  • Enabled the Default Material tab when editing materials from the Render Window.

Jan 22, 2010 - JA22 - Stable and Beta release

Load ArMaterial.jpg
  • New Plant and Material libraries. About 3,000 new materials and 40 RpTreeMaker plants.
To use the new libraries you will have to download and install them.
See: IRender nXt Libraries
New .ArMaterial library

Other changes

  • Fixed tabs for the Material Wizard not displaying for some users
  • Fixed Texture Bump control values not sticking when toggling between bump types
  • Added button for User Libraries to the Load Material from Library dialog
  • Edit Material Dialog - The same dialog is now used for editing materials while in SketchUp and from the Rendering window.
  • Edit Material Preview - To make editing materials a faster and more stable operation, we have temporarily removed the preview window on the edit dialog. For now, you can still see the rendering preview by clicking in the advanced button.
  • Edit Material List - We added a list control to the edit Material dialog, to allow editing of several materials without having to locate the materials in the drawing. This list is not shown by default, and can be turned off if it takes too long to populate when a drawing has a large number of materials. Different icons are used in the list to indicate glow, transparency, daylighting, and reflection on each material in the list. Materials that have never been edited are shown as a simple square.
  • Edit Material Defaults - The Default Material buttons are now displayed on a tab that only is available when creating a new material.

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