IRender Beta Test Version

New releases of IRender nXt are released in Beta Test Mode

The Beta version contains the latest changes, but has had less testing the the "stable" release version.

You should read the New version page to see what is new in the Beta version. If you want any of the new things and are willing to run into some unknown bugs then download the beta version.

Also the Beta version and stable version can both be loaded onto the same machine, which makes it easier to test something in the beta version, but easily return to the stable version if yiu have any problems.

Note: Please be patient with the Beta Test Version. It has not been tested enough, and this first Beta Test Version has never been installed by a client. Let us know if anything goes wrong.


You can download and install the Beta Test versions into a separate folder (IRender_nxt_Beta) and you can have both a Beta release and a Stable release on the same machine.

Auto Load

If you have Auto Load enabled,then it will automatically load the Stable version and you will not be able to load the Beta version.

If you want to have both versions installed, you will need to turn Auto Load off.

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Using both versions

You can only use one of the two for any particular session of SketchUp. (You could have two SketchUp sessions - one with the Stable release and one with the Beta release if you want to compare things. But you can't load both into the same session of SketchUp - it is just too confusing.)

For the features in the latest version, see: IRender nXt - New Version