How to Download and Install


Step 1: Download

Download from Site
Go to Then click on the ‘Downloads’ tab.

Or click on this URL: Downloads Page

click on either the ‘Try it’, ‘Buy it’ or on the ‘Downloads’ tab.
Fill out Form

Fill out the form and select the download desired.

click on the ‘Request Download Link’.
Select desired product

Just click on ‘Download’ under the name of the software you want.

Download the file to some place on your computer you know and is easy you get to, like your desktop.

Select tje product to download.

Step 2: Install

Open Downloaded File
5. Then double click on the file to open it. Then click on the only file there called ‘Click here to install”
click on ‘Click here to install”.

Follow Steps to Install
6.Next, just follow the steps to install the software on your computer.
Install software.

Step 3: Load Plugin in SketchUp

Start Product from Plugins Tab

Open SketchUp.

After you download and install the software, you are ready to use it.

Most products will automatically load into SketchUp. If the product does not appear, check to see if it is available on the Plugins Tab.

If it does not appear, check the SketchUp Preferences/Extensions WIzard. See: Enabling SketchUp Extensions

Also, check that the Toolbar is enabled undef View/Toolbars.

If you don’t still don't see the product, reinstall it.

click on ‘plugins’ to open software.

SketchUp Extensions and Toolbar Visibility
SketchUp Extensions Wizard.

SketchUp Toolbars.


If the application does not show up in SketchUp, or in the SketchUp Plugins menu, try these steps: