Expert Renderings

The Presets lets you choose predefined settings for the most common lighting situations.

There are a lot of settings to create special lighting effects. The presets make it easier to get a good rendering without having to make all the setting manually.

Standard Presets

  • High Dynamic for subtle shadows for exterior scenes.
  • Exterior - for exterior scenes with sun and sky.
  • Interior with Sun - Interior scenes with lighting through doors and windows.
  • Interior no Sun - Interior scenes with no external lighting.
  • HDRi Sky - Exterior scene with a sky full of clouds.
  • See: Lighting Presets
Presets tab on Setup Wizard

IRender nXt automatically uses SketchUp transparency settings. It includes refraction, reflection and illumination through the transparent surface.

You can edit the transparency settings with a slider-bar, change the Index of Refraction , or add other special effects such as Translucency and Caustics

SketchUp transparency selected for entire model

Background Images are special images which you can place behind your model.

  • Simple Background - you can use any image as a simple background for skies or other pruposes
  • HDRi Skies - for full illumination and reflection of a background image, you will need to use an HDRi Sky
  • Image Layer WIzard - backgrounds can easily be positioned using the Image Layer Wizard.
  • See: HDRi Skies
  • Video: Background Wizard Video
  • See: Background Image
Use images for background

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Expert Renderings

Create Expert Renderings with IRender nXt.

Exceptional realism is the key to clear communication of your designs. With IRender nXt, you can fine-tune the lighting, transparency, reflection, highlights and backgrounds of all your images, then export the renderings at unlimited resolution and render quality.


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  • Expert Renderings
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