Embedded 3D PDF

Embedded 3D PDF

3D PDF files can be embedded into a web page using the HTML EMBED format.

     <object data="http://www.renderplus.com/pdf_samples/embedded_pdf_sample.pdf" width="400" height="500">  
       <embed><src="http://www.renderplus.com/pdf_samples/embedded_pdf_sample.pdf"  width="400" height="500"> </embed> 

To make this sample, I unchecked 'Page Data', selected HTML format, set the page size to 4" x 5", and clicked 'Create HTML'.

Embdeed pdf settings.jpg

I then edited the .HTM file to add comments above and below the PDF image to the HTML directly.

Here are the results: Embedded 3D PDF Sample

Embdeed pdf sample.jpg

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