Embed Attributes

Embed Attrbiutes.jpg

You can distributes your project, either with a ..._attributes.csv file to define the attributes, or by Embedding the Attributes into the .SKP files directly.

On the RpReports OEM Dialog there is a function Embed Attributes into Components

This adds your attributes directly to the .SKP files to define your components.

You will be asked for a .CSV file name which defines the attributes, and a base folder for the components. (Components will be processed in sub folders as well)

Each component will be loaded, the attributes placed in the component, and the component will be resaved into a folder called em bedded_components


You can verify that the attributes are embedded into the new components.

  1. Load the new component into SkethcUp.
  2. Select Show Attributes for Model from the OWM dialog.
  3. You should see the new attributes which are stored in the component.

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