Debug File - RpTools or SpaceDesign

In Render Plus applications you can request that debug messages be written to a Debug File. This article explains how to set this up for RpTools .


Step 1 - Start the application

Load the application from the SketchUp Plugins menu.

Skip this step if the pplication is loading automatically)

  • Select RpTools Load, or
  • Select SpaceDesign Load

Step 2 - Load the RpTools Support Dialog

Or the SpaceDesign start dialog - (1st icon on toolbar)


After the RpTools toolbar loads, navigate to RpTools at the bottom of the SketchUp Plugins menu.

  • Select Support

Step 3 - Enable Debug File Output

  • Check Write debug file
  • Click OK

Step 4 - Note file name and location

  • Note the file name where the debug messages are being written, so you can send the debug output to Render Plus.
This will be in your My Documents folder in a sub folder called RpTools.

Step 5 - Continue using the application

Continue using the application until it fails, and then: