Copy Wizard

Copy Wizard for RpTools

Copy Selection works like Move Selection, except that a new copy of the selected items is created, rather than just moving the items.

  1. Select Component or geometry to copy.
  2. Load RpTools Copy Wizard from Toolbar
  3. Enter the distance to copy
  4. Click the arrow in the direction you want to copy,

Make a copy of a component 3' along the red axis
Rptools copy1.jpg


  • Enter the distance to move when making the copy below, and click an arrow to copy in that direction.
  • If you make a mistake use Undo.
  • After the copy, the new entities are selected. If you click an arrow (again), a new copy will be made in that direction.
  • Use component axes - This is enabled only if a single component instance is selected. If it is checked, the component will be copied along its own axes. (For example if it has been rotated.). Otherwise the selection is moved along the model axes. (Red = X, Green = Y, Blue = Z.)

Seperate Z mode


If you click More on the Copy Wizard, a special version will be loaded which provides a separate value box for the Z copies.

This is helpful if you are copying items in Z which always move by a different amount then then the X-Y moves.

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