Convert Material

How to Convert an AR3 Material to nXt.

IRender Plus ] contains a large library of predefined materials. These can be used directly in IRender nXt ] by assigning an AR3 Library material to a SketchUp material.

You can also convert an AR3 material to a nXt material and save it in nXt format. This article explains how to perform the conversion.


Step 1 - select an AR3 material


After starting SketchUp and loading IRender nXt, select a material icon from the toolbar.


Select a material from the library and click OK.

This will load the AR3 Material Dialog.

Step 2 - Convert to nXt


Click Convert to nXt

Step 3 - make desired changes in nXt material editor

Step 4 - save as nXt material

How to load and use nXt material

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