Bill of Materials


RpReports can produce an indented Bill of Materials, which shows the sub-components of a component and calculates the cost of the component.



An indented BOM report contains components placed directly in the model, and sub-components placed inside components. A component which contains sub-components is called an assembly.

Only sub-components which contain attributes are used to create the Bill of Materials.

The cost of the assembly is automatically calculated by adding up the costs of the sub-components.

INI file setup

To enable an indented Bill of Materials, set the line iffe_indented_bom_level to 1 or more in the INI file.

#iffe_indented_bom_level - do the bill of indented materials to this level

Also, define the column titles for the generated columns for the sub-component, and defined a string to use as a prefix to indent the descriptions.

#fields for indented bill of materials (F&E only)
#sub_extend_field_label - default is "Sub Cost" # cost of an indented component
sub_extend_field_label=Sub Cost
#sub_extended_cost_field_label - default is "Sub Extended Cost"
sub_extended_cost_field_label=Sub Extended Cost
#sub_quantity_field_label - default is "Sub Qty" # qty of an indented component
sub_quantity_field_label=Sub Qty
#indentation_prefix"	# used to indent descriptions for sub-levels
#sub_level_field_label - default is "Lev" displays if there is more than one sub field
# column is not displayed if left blank

Visibility considerations

Components and Assemblies placed directly in the model only appear in the report if they are visible (not hidden, and not in an invisible layer)

Sub-components appear in the report, even if they are not visible in the model. (Hidden, or the layer of the sub-component is invisible). This allows you to place dummy sub-components which appear in the Bill of Materials, but do not appear in the model.

Sample project

RpReports includes a sample project, bomtest, to let you test Bill of Materials. You can copy the folder and rename the files to start your own Bill of Materials project, or modify bomtest directly to test changes.

For a typical installation, the test project is stored in:

C:\Program Files\Render Plus Systems\Space_Design\bomtest

There is also a .SKP model in this folder which you can use to test the sample BOM project.

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